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New Rochelle Summer Basketball Classic

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These New Rochelle outdoor courts have had a lot of use over the years, especially from the Huguenots. Using donations from the NBA, Project Backboard made the court its canvas. See the full story here, from NBC New York.

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Picture: Project Backboard


As proud as we are of our past accomplishments, the Huguenots always focus on what's next ... and all of our events are "special"!!  

Check back regularly.  We'll keep the flow coming! 

Hello All



We had 40 teams participate this this  years summer league.  The most teams that we have ever had.     For the first time ever we had a 14 u girls division it went so well we will have that division and a 12 u girls division next year.  There were 122 games played this year and the teams came from Stamford, CT, Rockland County, Westchester, Bronx and Harlem so there was a lot of variety teams got to play other teams and styles that they normally  don't play against


Here are the champs from each division


11u  Better Way

13u Wiz Kids

14u Girls   Palisades Elite

15u Trust the Process

17u  Unsung Yutes


In closing we had over 450 kids do something  that they love to do .  The Basketball was very competitive and the community loved coming out to watch the kids. They say "it takes a village" and without the following people/groups this wouldn't of been as successful as it was.  I want to thank the 2 supervisors "Nick" and "Pop" who were the backbone of the tournament.   I also want to give a "shout out to the  Sponsors  Butterflies for Jodie, Westcop, Flynn Financial, Pro Safety.  and Next Level.   Also want to thank the Parks and Recreation Department ran by Vin Parise and the NRBA for partnering up to run this event.


Until Next Year


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