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Everyone involved in the Huguenots program knows that they must fulfill their responsibilites in the classroom.  A cornerstone of the High School program is Study Hall, which the team attends as a group.  This isn't just talk; our coaches at every level check report cards. Our young people know that if they don't take care of business in the classroom, they won't get to represent us on the court.  It's that simple.


The young people in NRBA programs know that those who came before had to achieve in the classroom, and they know that they are role models to the young people coming up in the program.


This past year, we started, with the help of generous sponsors, an SAT Preparation course for all Juniors in the Huguenots program. With your help, we will expand the program, and are confident that it will show results.  That will open doors for our players to high-level academic programs that might previously have been out of reach for many.


Also on our agenda is an ambitious initiative to monitor, from the time a player enters the High School, compliance with increasingly rigorous NCAA eligiility standards.  The goal of this initiative is to enable all of our players to receive NCAA Clearinghouse certification, and thereby be eligible to compete at the college level from "Day One".

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