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We Couldn't Do It Without You ....

Almost everything associated with the operation of a successful program has its cost.  It might be surprising to some that, in order to provide the kind of support that a high-level High School Basketball Program needs, it is necessary to supplement the School Budget.  At the High School, the NRBA helps raise the additional money needed to maintain a top-flight program.  Some of these expenses include gear and equipment, tournament and referee fees, and meals for players during road trips. 


Participants in top-notch programs also play in Spring & Summer tournaments and camps, as well as "showcase" tournaments in other parts of the country.  Generous sponsors were needed to help cover the cost of plane travel and related expenses.


The NRBA is also committed to helping our young people identify college opportunities and preparing them for success at that level.  Tutors for college entrance exams and the cost of college visits are just some of the expenses associated with that key component of a great program.


We encourage anyone who might be in a position to do so to make a tax-deductible contribution, and to ask interested friends, businesses (employers), and / or other organizations to do so as well.  Since the NRBA is a registered public charity under Sec. 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, all donors’ contributions will be fully tax-deductible.     


So, to those who have already contributed, in behalf of the kids you have helped, please accept our heartfelt thanks.  We humbly request the financial support of our other loyal friends who can help us take New Rochelle Basketball to the top, and keep us there!!!  But we can't do it on our own; we need your help!

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Huguenots with a Tax-Deductible Donation!!

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