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Boys Varsity Coach & Board Member

Before taking the position as Varsity Head Coach, Rasaun "Crabby" Young said:


"Make no mistake; given the opportunity, I will, as Varsity Head Coach, lead the program to many, many wins on the basketball court. But I will also do everything humanly possible to ensure that the young people who enter and leave our program will make our program, our school and our community proud."


Short months after becoming Head Coach of the New Rochelle Boys Varsity basketball team in the fall of 2012, Coach Young proceeded to make history.  His team, which many thought was in a re-building mode, went farther than any team in the history of New Rochelle basketball, coming just 7 points shy of a New York State Championship.  


Coach Young grew up in New Rochelle, first played competitive basketball at Remington Boys & Girls Club, and is a proud product of the New Rochelle Public School system. A legendary player at New Rochelle High School, Coach Young received a full scholarship to the Division 1 basketball program at Buffalo.  He had a very successful career as a player there, and was the first member of his immediate family to graduate from a four-year college (with a Bachelor of Arts degree).


On his return to New Rochelle, Rasaun dedicated himself to giving back to the community that nurtured him.  He knows the youth of New Rochelle and the challenges they face growing up in uncertain times.  He has coached various levels of youth basketball, from the Remington Boys and Girls Club, to AAU programs, through the Varsity Boys program at the High School, where he spent 4 years as Assistant Head Coach before becoming Head Coach. 


Coach Young's career as a player and his efforts as a mentor / coach to New Rochelle youth has made him a known and highly-visible quantity in New Rochelle and throughout the region.  In addition to being a School Aide and Basketball Coach, he interacts with the community every day in his position as a New Rochelle firefighter.  Our community knows that he will do the right thing, not just to win basketball games, but to continue to be a positive role model to New Rochelle youth. 

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