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We lost a dear friend, a colleague and NRBA board member Michael Kenny who lost his courageous long term battle with leukemia.


It is very hard to overstate the magnitude of this loss to family, friends, community, students and the NRBA. Mike conceived, created and administered the NRBA academic initiative so important to the boys and girls we serve. Whether through individual tutoring and mentoring, SAT/ACT preparation, Report Card monitoring, assistance with college admissions and much more,  Mike left a legacy of caring, love and accomplishments. He not only increased grades and raised scores but changed lives and gave hope.


We will continue Mike’s legacy of providing academic assistance to those in need while recognizing there will never be another Mike Kenny!!


May God bless Mike and his family!

The NRBA family has reason to celebrate!  As you know, the NRBA, starting with the Junior Huguenots and going right up through the Varsity teams, has always been about basketball - AND academics.


Danny Long started with the Junior Huguenots in the 6th grade.  He worked hard at basketball and is now a senior member of our Boys Varsity Basketball team.  But, embodying everything the NRBA stresses in academics and athletics, Danny bought into the importance of schoolwork as well. 


Danny was recently named the Valedictorian of the New Rochelle High School Class of 2021!  That means that Danny was FIRST in a graduating class of 767  A number of NRBA players have been members of the National Honor Society and have done very well academically.  But there is only one Valedictorian, and Danny is our first.  Please join us in congratulating him (and his very supportive family), for this great achievement!  


Credentials like Danny's open doors to the best colleges anywhere.  He is considering Ivy League schools such as Yale, University of Pennsylvania, Cornell, and Princeton, as well as Stanford, UC Berkeley, Michigan and USC.  Awesome! 

In closing, we congratulate Danny and wish him the best.  We're also very proud of him - and thank him for being a fantastic role model for the younger members of the NRBA / Junior Huguenots program following in his footsteps.

Who Are We?

The NRBA was founded with the single purpose of inspiring the youth - especially the most needy - of New Rochelle’s richly diverse community, to reach their full potential as players and people.  We use basketball as a means to achieve that goal.  We know that our success will be judged in part by wins and losses on the court, but we’re even more committed to helping our young people “win” in the game of life.

We are about teamwork, respect and responsibility; responsibility of each player to him or herself, as well as to family, teammates, and all aspects of our community. Effort and integrity are the cornerstones.  We want our players to work hard and to learn; to seek opportunities, not gifts.  We strive to build character and develop more confident, competent young people who have an abiding sense of their importance as individuals and team members.  


Our program is about much more than the outcome of a game or practice. Our players know that their NRBA family cares about them as people.  We want NRBA graduates to be successful in their own corners of the world, then pass on to others - in New Rochelle and beyond - the lessons they have learned.  

The NRBA knows that, in the modern world, education is key.  We give this goal more than lip-service.  We often track academic progress from the time they enter our program throughout HS, providing academic support, such as critical study skills, tutoring and ACT/SAT prep courses, all provided at no cost to our NRBA participants. Also we are committed to helping our players find the post-secondary educational choice that is right for them and where applicable, assistance navigating the complicated process toward obtaining an athletic scholarship or other financial aid.


Yes, basketball is key to what we do, but our goals are way above the rim.  We want all of our kids to be "slam-dunks" in the game of life!!

Please Welcome 3 New Board Members to NRBA!!

Kevin Austin. A guidance counselor at New Rochelle High School, has assumed responsibility for the NRBA Academic outreach program, created by Mike Kenny. We have no doubt in our minds that Kevin will continue the legacy and determination that NRBA exemplifies.

KASHIF HAMEED. One of the finest "big men" to ever play for Iona College Basketball! Kashif brings a wealth of experience to the board, he was not only an outstanding player on the court but a basketball savant off the court! He served as principal for a charter school in NYC!

Donald Ross. The New Varsity Girls Basketball Coach! Donald has an impressive basketball and community service resume! A 1985 New Rochelle HS Grad and a member of the boys Varsity Team! As well the Security Supervisor at Albert Leonard Elementary!

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