at beautiful Beckwith Pointe  [December 1, 2013]

On a beautiful Sunday afternoon with the sun glistening on the peaceful waters of the Sound seen through the panorama windows of Beckwith Pointe, the Huguenot faithful gathered to celebrate the opening of the 2013-14 basketball season .... !!!

Broadcasting personality and New Rochelle resident Vin Parise graciously appeared as Master of Ceremonies.  He kicked things off with a great story about his experiences as a college coach and the importance of being part of a strong program.  That set the tone for the event ....


Thanks again, Vin!

Sean Oliver, Director of the Junior Huguenots program - and a fixture in the metropolitan basketball community - talked about the beginnings and development of the New Rochelle Basketball Association, and its commitment to community service as well as success on the basketball court.


After thanking the parents for their outstanding support, Varsity Head Coach and New Rochelle basketball legend Rasaun "Crabby" Young picked up on the themes of academic success and service to others.  He told everyone how proud he was when the head of New Rochelle HS guidance, Mr. Kenny, asked his players to speak about life choices to middle school students during Red Ribbon Week.   

You might be wondering what is in the case to the right of the podium.  Take a close-up look at the custom-made "Rock" basketball, commissioned by the founder of Anaconda Sports, John "Rockman" Stote commemorating "The Greatest Buzzer-Beater of All Time"!!  (You remember that, right?)


Anyone interested in picking up one of those for their display case at home should send an email to:


And thanks again, Rockman!! 

Coach Crabby then introduced the members of the 2013-14 Huguenots. He used his introductions of returning players Antoine Lewis, Alex Tuci, Drew Peterson and Derek Dorn to make important points to younger players.  He spoke about 1) how necessary it is to play both ends of the floor (offense and defense), 2) the value of hard work in the off-season, 3) the need to stay ready so that you make the most of it when your number is called, and 4) how important "little" things like taking charges and grabbing offensive rebounds are to the success of a team.  

Give it up for the defending Section 1 Champs & State Finalists, the



Thanks to last year's "All-Everything" Joe Clarke (now at Dean College in Massachusetts) for coming to be with his former teammates and new team members.  Good luck in school, Joe!! 

Just in case anyone needed to be reminded, Assistant Coach Rashiem Young (actually considered Co-Head Coach by his brother Coach Crabby) told the players that last year's success has marked them with a bullseye on their heads.  Everyone in the world wants to play them for their shot at knocking off the defending champs.  He gave a great talk about what it takes to stay on top. 

Finally, everyone was reminded about the first-ever Journal of the NRBA - "NEW ROCHELLE BASKETBALL."  We encourage individuals and / or business / other organizations to take an ad in the Journal to show their support for the kids, and that they BLEED PURPLE too!  Please follow the links to TAKE AN AD or MAKE A FULLY TAX-DEDUCTIBLE DONATION!!