A Culture Of Giving

Yes, we want to win every game we ever play.  And, if that is their goal, we would love for all of our graduates to be first-round NBA / WNBA draft picks.  But, first and foremost, we want our graduates to be good people. That means being responsible adults who pursue their education and achieve success in their chosen field, whatever that might be. 


The NRBA also believes that part of a successful life is giving back.  One way we want to show this commitment is by giving the monetary "Pat Vaccaro Award" to graduating members of the Boys and Girls basketball teams at  New Rochelle High School.  


Not everyone can give back in the form of money, and we certainly do not expect that of our players.  But giving back in the form of community service doesn't require money.  It requires care and concern beyond one's self.  It takes a commitment to other people and our community.  So, a key part of giving back is a realization of our blessings and a willingness to share them - even if it is only our time - with others.  


The NRBA encourages all of its teams and players to give back.  It's part of what we're about, and it's a lesson we want to share with  our players.  We know, for example, that younger players see how the older (especially Varsity) players conduct themselves.  We encourage our Varsity players to embrace their "role model" status and show, by their own choices, "how we roll"!